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Kung Fu Ponder

Tonight Jes and I are in New Freedom, PA. My mom is in the Lions Club and they are putting on an outdoor movie: Kung Fu Panda.

Neither of us have ever seen it and I thought would be fun if Jes and I put our preconceptions on record.

I’ll go first.

Jack Black the panda is an outcast from the other pandas because of his unpandalike desire to be a Kung Fu master. He meets a master who sees potential in him and who trains him. Master’s old enemies are jealous of Jack Black panda’s skills and take the master. JBP must prove to himself that he has what it takes to save master. I also think there’s a girl panda interest too.
Basically Karate Kid with pandas.

Here is Jessica’s notion:

Panda is the Chosen One, sought out by powers that be to defeat the ultimate scourge. Panda is a schlub who doesn’t look like he can do the job. Powers that be train Panda in the range of styles, taught by the namesake animals. He looks like a failure until he finds some motivating and compelling reason to fight. He finds his inner Chosen One when his teachers and loved ones are at risk. He saves the day.

The movie is just beginning now.

Jes was far closer to the facts of the movie, something she attributes to seeing more of the movie trailers than I did. Incredibly imaginative film.

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  1. Connie wrote:

    Way to go Jes – the trailers definitely help.
    And for the record, I’m not in the Lions Club. It’s New Freedom Heritage that puts on the outdoor movies. It was a fun one.
    Coming up next weekend is Enchanted – Sept 11 at dusk. Maybe you can come.

    Saturday, September 4, 2010 at 11:43 am | Permalink

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