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This past year, I started using Google Reader to follow random blogs. I never realized how such a practice can exponentially increase one’s time on and attention to virtual communities. I have followed and unfollowed innumerable blogs over the course of this year, trying to hone down on just what it is I am interested in. What I’ve found most interesting is which blogs I go to first. Specifically, food blogs and craft blogs. Then art blogs. Psychology and science blogs still have a special place in my heart, but only after I see what’s cooking and what’s getting created.

Sewing blogs are really catching my interest these days, particularly Grosgrain with her “Embellishknits” redone/repurposed sweaters and Casey’s Elegant Musings with her vintage style adventures.

I’ve also found BurdaStyle, which isn’t a blog, but is a community site that these blogs have often referenced. The cool part is that BurdaStyle has a trove of instructional posts and how-to’s which makes me feel like I can actually start knowing what I’m doing. I’ve been scanning the patterns over and over, trying to decide what I want to make. I downloaded one pattern so far, and will post on it after I give the gift for which I downloaded it (Philly Secret Santa post after this weekend!).

To top it off, I compulsively bought a book of patterns in Japanese from Etsy, called Drape Drape 2. Most of the patterns are really flowing and recommended for jersey knits, so I’ve been buying up old jersey sheet sets from thrift shops so I can start making oogobs of comfy clothes. I can only pray that Ian won’t get too upset with the mess I’m making in the back room. Well, that and pray that I don’t get as bad as my mom and sister are on Ravelry. ;)

So. Sew. Casey’s Elegant Musings is hosting a Sew-along, making a swing dress. I think I am going to give this a try. Not only does it show how to make a muslin version of a pattern first, which is a technique I think will help me make my own patterns later, I’d (hopefully) come out at the other end with a sweet set of swing threads. I have not done a complicated pattern in quite some time, and I am a little nervous. I feel like I still haven’t figured out the nuances of using my sewing machine competently. Now, I realize that I probably won’t keep pace with the schedule Casey’s set for her sew-along, but I’m hoping to start getting a better grasp of this hobby of mine. And as I’ve learned from Google Readership, these posts can exist almost in perpetuity.

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