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Muscle Memory

Just got this email from my cousin:

hey friends and family:

nick here. i signed up the girls and myself for a ripper of a ride on June 5 this year. i kinda swore to never return to the very poorly organized and heavily-trafficked mayhem that is the Ride for Heart in Toronto, but this year is different.

we lost our cousin Jake this past december, to a heart attack at just 25 years of age. he was healthy and generous and a great example of a human being. the planet is lesser without him. because jake had a big heart and is greatly missed, i am returning to the Ride for Heart to help raise funds in his name. typical filipino style – i’ve enlisted the participation of my entire family. i’m towing ruby for 50k, and julie is riding with jett or her big girl two-wheeler for 25k.

please feel free to peruse my donation page, or the donation pages for julie and jett. we are going big and then going home, and all assistance is greatly appreciated. greatly.

thank you again. here’s to jake and big hearts…


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  1. Rosli wrote:

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