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Sitting in a Tree

My Most Popular Work

Nothing I’ve ever done has garnered the attention that this photo has. At this writing, the photo has almost 6,000 views and has been added to multiple groups on Flickr. And here’s the kicker Its popularity is driven by the hair under Jes’ arm. Did you notice that? There are people who are extremely serious [...]


This past year, I started using Google Reader to follow random blogs. I never realized how such a practice can exponentially increase one’s time on and attention to virtual communities. I have followed and unfollowed innumerable blogs over the course of this year, trying to hone down on just what it is I am interested [...]

Kung Fu Ponder

Tonight Jes and I are in New Freedom, PA. My mom is in the Lions Club and they are putting on an outdoor movie: Kung Fu Panda. Neither of us have ever seen it and I thought would be fun if Jes and I put our preconceptions on record. I’ll go first. Jack Black the [...]


With the snow finally melted away and a week’s worth of gorgeous spring weather, I finally got my act together enough to go on a terrarium collecting walk. Inspired by Donna Smith‘s hermetic jar terrarium that she constructed during my Philly Secret Santa project night, I bought a similar jar in January with the hope [...]

Busy Hands

When I worked as a caseworker, with 50+ hour workweeks and late nights in bad neighborhoods, I came to rely heavily on my teammates to just manage the burnout. One of these teammates, Vanessa, came all the way out to Baltimore from California to join us. After her time at Choice, she moved back to [...]

Bob McElroy

It’s been 10 years since the day I met and recorded Bob McElroy. Who the Hell is Bob McElroy? Bob McElroy was a musician I met while living in at the Santa Fe International Youth Hostel in 1999. He was in town from Monroe, Louisiana to meet with Gary Johnson, then-governor of New Mexico, on the [...]

Rentcheck Films

My friend Matt Sutter has initiated an all-new new movie-making project. It’s a lot like the 48-hour ones that I’m notorious for participating in. Each month we have to create a film based on requirement from the other participants. I’m told there are four teams competing– Sutter’s team in Philadelphia, Rob Weychert’s team in Boston, [...]

Used To Did

In the early Fall of 2008, my partner in all things film, my go-to-shoot-this, main man, Chris Harring was asked to record a J Roddy Walson and The Business show at The Ottobar in Baltimore. He obliged and decided that we should take the footage and roll it into a quirky music video for one [...]

New Digs

There are maybe ten times a year that I really wish I had a website. Maybe I think I’ve discovered something great and I want to share it, maybe I want to rant about my ISP‘s deplorable customer service, whatever – the fact is, all those times I’ve had a site. Right here at [...]