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One Year!

I cannot believe… that it was one year ago that Ian and I got married. That day seems so recent and so long ago all at once, I am forever amazed that it ever happened. Oh goodness, forgive this girl her twittery heart and butterflied stomach. That day ended up being such an amazing day [...]


In the defense of mucus… Though I am sure many of you, if not all, are pretty much finished with the subject of Natural Family Planning, I thought that it would be silly to not speak to the subject since I am the woman in this relationship. It may sound somewhat nerdy, but quite frankly, [...]


For the past month, Jes and I have been taking a Natural Family Planning class at St. Agnes Hospital. There’s lots of talk about vaginas and cervixes and mucus and menstruation and cycles and hormones. That aside, it’s an amazing thing to go through with someone you love and trust as much as I love [...]