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Category Archives: Friends

Grief & Love

On December 6th 2010, at 8:06am, we lost my brother Jacob. With a history of heart complications, we suspect he died of a heart attack. I wanted this post to be an eloquent eulogy to Jacob, but find that stating the facts has left me drained and numb. Jacob died on Monday. Jacob is gone [...]

Busy Hands

When I worked as a caseworker, with 50+ hour workweeks and late nights in bad neighborhoods, I came to rely heavily on my teammates to just manage the burnout. One of these teammates, Vanessa, came all the way out to Baltimore from California to join us. After her time at Choice, she moved back to [...]

Philly Secret Santa 2009

Holidays are not finished until the Philly Secret Santa gift exchange is finished. That’s how I determine the holiday season-starts with Halloween, ends with Philly Secret Santa. I would venture to say that Ian would agree about the end, though I’m not sure about the beginning. My Gifts Though determining what to make under $30 [...]

Bob McElroy

It’s been 10 years since the day I met and recorded Bob McElroy. Who the Hell is Bob McElroy? Bob McElroy was a musician I met while living in at the Santa Fe International Youth Hostel in 1999. He was in town from Monroe, Louisiana to meet with Gary Johnson, then-governor of New Mexico, on the [...]

Rentcheck Films

My friend Matt Sutter has initiated an all-new new movie-making project. It’s a lot like the 48-hour ones that I’m notorious for participating in. Each month we have to create a film based on requirement from the other participants. I’m told there are four teams competing– Sutter’s team in Philadelphia, Rob Weychert’s team in Boston, [...]

Philly Secret Santa

Christmas 2007 is officially over Yep. Saturday night Jes and I exchanged our last gifts at Rob and Leah’s with dear friends. The deal: Handmade gifts under $30, secret Santa style. For me, it was memorable because I officially gave birth to The Sutter Puppet, my gift to secret giftee, Niff. I was equally delighted [...]

Musical Torch

I’ve been passed a musical torch by Rob Weychert The Volume of Music on My computer 17.52 GB (did I just say that!?) The last CD I bought was Actually not a CD, I got the album from the iTunes Music Store. Les Sans Culottes, Faux Realism. Radical 60′s French pop. This band is originally [...]