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Sitting in a Tree

Muscle Memory

Just got this email from my cousin: hey friends and family: nick here. i signed up the girls and myself for a ripper of a ride on June 5 this year. i kinda swore to never return to the very poorly organized and heavily-trafficked mayhem that is the Ride for Heart in Toronto, but this [...]

My Most Popular Work

Nothing I’ve ever done has garnered the attention that this photo has. At this writing, the photo has almost 6,000 views and has been added to multiple groups on Flickr. And here’s the kicker Its popularity is driven by the hair under Jes’ arm. Did you notice that? There are people who are extremely serious [...]


This past year, I started using Google Reader to follow random blogs. I never realized how such a practice can exponentially increase one’s time on and attention to virtual communities. I have followed and unfollowed innumerable blogs over the course of this year, trying to hone down on just what it is I am interested [...]

Grief & Love

On December 6th 2010, at 8:06am, we lost my brother Jacob. With a history of heart complications, we suspect he died of a heart attack. I wanted this post to be an eloquent eulogy to Jacob, but find that stating the facts has left me drained and numb. Jacob died on Monday. Jacob is gone [...]

Packing up and staying put.

For those of you not in the know, Ian has been freelance for the past two years. It was a welcome change from his previous employment and seemed to suit Ian’s work style and stress levels much better. It was great! Except for the fact that we only *just* couldn’t cover our costs of living. [...]

Kung Fu Ponder

Tonight Jes and I are in New Freedom, PA. My mom is in the Lions Club and they are putting on an outdoor movie: Kung Fu Panda. Neither of us have ever seen it and I thought would be fun if Jes and I put our preconceptions on record. I’ll go first. Jack Black the [...]


With the snow finally melted away and a week’s worth of gorgeous spring weather, I finally got my act together enough to go on a terrarium collecting walk. Inspired by Donna Smith‘s hermetic jar terrarium that she constructed during my Philly Secret Santa project night, I bought a similar jar in January with the hope [...]

“Power is Truth”

-Raekwon, 1999 Almost ten years ago I became certified in audio engineering and took the first job I could find. I was hired quickly and easily at a place in Bethesda, Maryland called Potomac Talking Books. The company recorded narrated books and magazines for the Library of Congress. I enjoyed written materials and loved anything [...]

I Love My Family So Much, It Sucks

I just got home from the shock trauma unit, having spent the afternoon there. My brother was admitted last night after getting into a car accident involving a windy road, rain, a car, and a tree. He’s in quite a state: laying there with a collapsed lung, tired, in pain, and getting a lot of [...]