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Bob McElroy

It’s been 10 years since the day I met and recorded Bob McElroy. Who the Hell is Bob McElroy? Bob McElroy was a musician I met while living in at the Santa Fe International Youth Hostel in 1999. He was in town from Monroe, Louisiana┬áto meet with Gary Johnson, then-governor of New Mexico, on the [...]

Used To Did

In the early Fall of 2008, my partner in all things film, my go-to-shoot-this, main man, Chris Harring was asked to record a J Roddy Walson and The Business show at The Ottobar in Baltimore. He obliged and decided that we should take the footage and roll it into a quirky music video for one [...]

Musical Torch

I’ve been passed a musical torch by Rob Weychert The Volume of Music on My computer 17.52 GB (did I just say that!?) The last CD I bought was Actually not a CD, I got the album from the iTunes Music Store. Les Sans Culottes, Faux Realism. Radical 60′s French pop. This band is originally [...]