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Category Archives: Vacation

My Most Popular Work

Nothing I’ve ever done has garnered the attention that this photo has. At this writing, the photo has almost 6,000 views and has been added to multiple groups on Flickr. And here’s the kicker Its popularity is driven by the hair under Jes’ arm. Did you notice that? There are people who are extremely serious [...]

Bob McElroy

It’s been 10 years since the day I met and recorded Bob McElroy. Who the Hell is Bob McElroy? Bob McElroy was a musician I met while living in at the Santa Fe International Youth Hostel in 1999. He was in town from Monroe, Louisiana┬áto meet with Gary Johnson, then-governor of New Mexico, on the [...]

Fast Fun with Fast Food

When we were on our way back from West Virginia, we invented a little game to help the miles go by quicker. Poke fun at the disgusting fast food establishments that grease up the sides of the highways. Here’s a list that we’ll keep updated. Some we think of as originals, some have been passed [...]

Westward! Ho, Ho, Ho!

When I had a miscarriage this past summer, it occurred to both Ian and me just how much we take our luxuries in life for granted. Though a saddening and difficult experience, the miscarriage provided us a chance to evaluate how we were leading our lives. With a baby on the way, I was resigned [...]